Wealth secrets of the rich, kind & happy

As co-creators of seven profitable businesses spanning fashion, jewellery, education, conscious leadership consulting and real estate, married couple Steve and Chutisa Bowman have got multiple income streams and the financial wealth piece covered.

With 41 years of marriage, endless global travel and a happy family life to boast about, Steve and Chutisa are rich in the gratitude, relationship and life experience stakes too.

None of these things alone, however, define what it means to be rich to this dynamic couple.

“What rich means for each person is different,” Chutisa says. “In our minds, it’s a way of being and functioning in the world that is not about the money, but includes money. It’s about the exuberant expression of life which incorporates the willingness to have money as creators in the world that is inclusive of everyone and everything.”

Inspired by their own life success, both financial and emotional, The Bowman’s now share everything they know in a seminar called Right Riches for You. It is their contribution to helping people everywhere move out of poverty and limitation (victimhood) and wake up to the unlimited possibilities for richness in their lives too.

The Bowman’s use the following 7 points to create more richness in their lives every day:

1.Money is never the problem, your point of view on money is. If you want to change your money situation, you must find a new way to view and be in relationship with money.

2. Your whole life is your business, and your business is in living. In the same way that a business owner creates their business, you must claim, own and acknowledge that you are the creator of everything in your life, which means you can change it. If you don’t acknowledge that, you will always remain the victim of circumstance and other people’s realities.

3. Let go of a scarcity mindset to embrace prosperity consciousness. Most people don’t question their mindset. If you can be curious enough to question your current reality, you can be open to the understanding that the world is an abundant and unlimited place. There is plenty to go around if you are willing to get curious and be creative.

4. Educate yourself about how our money reality works and use it to work for you. Learn how this reality works but don’t accept it as being rule. Rules, after all, are meant to be tested and broken.

5. Cultivate gratitude and conscious awareness. Corporate ladders often connect cultures that revolve around individuals concerned about me, me, me. True wealth and riches are created from conscious awareness, gratitude and collaboration. Money loves benevolent capitalism, which is win-win for all.

6. Be aware that multiple streams of possibility and income are always available. The only limitation here are the limitations you have decided are real.

7. You are the leader (CEO, CFO, Chief Everything) of your whole life. A leader knows what to do, what not to do, when to do it and when not to do it. If you’re not the leader of your own life, then who is? If it’s a family member, the community, your spouse or a best friend, then you’re just an employee of theirs or of this reality.

“Most people have a point of view or judgement about money,” says Steve. “Some people believe it is bad, evil or that people who have money are terrible. Other people believe that the only way to make money is to work hard for it and they trap themselves in a linear construct of having to have a good job, climb the corporate ladder, earn a bigger hourly rate or salary. But money is just an energy and there are many ways to tap into it, if you’re willing to get curious and ask the right questions to find out how.” BFM


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