The three people you need in your business


Creative Business Coach Simone Milasas offers advice on how to build an effective small team.

According to the ABS, there are just over 2 million registered businesses in Australia, the vast majority of which (over 1.8 million) employ fewer than 5 people.

There are special demands that arise from running a business with a small team. However, a small team, if built strategically, can be just as effective and efficient as even the largest corporation.

When choosing people to work with in business, it’s helpful to know that there are three different types of people that are required for success. When you understand these three types of people and recognize which one you are, you are then able to create optimal success by bringing in the people who will add the components that may currently be missing.

Businesses thrive when they incorporate team members from three basic categories – the connectors, the movers and the creators.

  1. Connectors

Connectors like to talk and they’re good at it. These are the people with lots of phone numbers in their contact list. They are natural salespeople. They will talk to anyone about anything. They know what to say and when to say it. They know how to truly connect with people and it’s joyful for them.

  1. Movers

Movers are people who know how to run a business. They are always 10 steps ahead. Their expertise lies in knowing what has to be put in place today to expand the business tomorrow.

  1. Creators

Creators are the dreamers; the visionaries. They are always looking at what they can generate and create next. Their ability is that they are able to see what is possible in business and in life. They naturally function in the questions of, “What else is possible? What choices do I have?”

Milasas advises that, once you identify which role you naturally function in and begin to do that, running a business can be both successful and joyful. What is vital to understand, she says, it that an effective team should make business easier and more enjoyable for you.

How many people think that nobody can do their business as well as them?  If this is you I will give you a hint:  look to hire people that are better than you; who have greater capacities than you.  What if your business ended up expanding because of this and you had more fun?

4 thoughts on “The three people you need in your business

  1.'Emily Evans Russell

    This is such a helpful article! At times as an entrepreneur, I thought I had to do it all by myself (even the things I wasn’t great at). This helps me see where my strengths are in business and what sort of person to look to hire that would allow my business to grow most expansively. Thank you for this information!


    Wow! Thank you for this. I had no idea that my “creator” capcity was such a gift! This information changed my day…and likely my future! Thank you!


    This article has helped me realize that as a creator, I need to add movers and connectors to my business to allow it to expand. Thank you!


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