Telstra management shakeup

Telstra CEO Andy Penn has overhauled the ranks of the telco’s senior executives, axing four and bringing in new recruits.

Management changes were flagged last month with Telstra moving to reposition in the fiercely competitive market for mobile and internet customers and to help it deal with the impact of the NBN.

The shakeup is the first step in the plan to axe 8000 staff over the next three years and reduce layers of management.

Head of technology Stephen Elop, wholesale boss Will Irving, chief marketing officer Joe Pollard and CFO Warwick Bray will exit the company.

Bray will be replaced by Robyn Denholm, Telstra’s current Chief Operating Officer. Denholm served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial and Operations Officer at network equipment manufacturer Juniper Networks. She is also audit committee chair at Tesla Motors, giving her insights into the disruptive impact of technology.

Former SBS boss Michael Ebeid has been appointed to run Telstra’s Enterprise team. Ebeid’s great changes at SBS included the launch of three free-to-air television channels and the streaming service SBS On Demand, which now has about 5 million subscribers.

Nikos Katinakis, formerly executive Vice President Networks for Reliance Jio in India, where he was responsible for rolling out the first pan-India 4G LTE Network, will run Networks & IT which aims to extend the company’s network and enabling digital experiences.

“We are fundamentally re-engineering how Telstra operates, and our new organisational structure and operating model are designed to remove complexity and management layers, decrease the focus on hierarchical decision-making and increase the focus on empowered teams making decisions closer to the customer,” Mr Penn said.


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