Tasmania plans a tobacco free generation

Tasmania plans a tobacco free generation

Tobacco companies might have to rethink their strategies for Australia with Tasmania planning to create the world’s first tobacco free generation.

Tasmanian law as it stands now prevents the sale of tobacco to people born in 2000 or later. That restriction will expire in January 2018.

Enter Tasmanian independent Ivan Dean who has introduced the Public Health Amendment (Tobacco Free Generation) Bill to Parliament extending the current laws to stop retailers selling to anyone born this century,

Professor E. Haydn Walters and Kathryn Barnsley from the University of Tasmania have written in the Medical Journal of Australia that this legislation would turn tobacco into something “so last century” and that it could see the rest of the world following suit.

That said, Tasmania has some way to go when it comes to smoking. Tobacco companies would do well there because smoking rates there are above the national average, reflecting the state’s low socio-economic status.



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