Record number of foreign tourists

Record number of foreign tourists
Foreign tourists are pouring into Australia in record numbers.

The latest International Visitor Survey shows tourists spent a record $40.6 billion in the year to June 2017, an increase of 7 per cent on the previous year.

All states and territories recorded strong growth in tourism but most of it was happening in the ACT (up 27 per cent) and Tasmania (up 24 per cent).

The biggest impact came from Chinese tourists spending with 1.2 million visitors spending $9.8 billion.

Chinese tourists stayed the longest. Next came tourists from the United Kingdom although here was a reduction in the number of British visitors and how much they spent.

Americans are an Australian tourism growth market with a record 706,000 tourists from the United States, a 14 per cent increase over the last year.

They spent $3.8 billion, up four per cent. Over the last four years visitors from the United States have increased by 54 per cent and their spending by 53 per cent.


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