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FRANKFURT, GERMANY - MAY 17: Richard Branson, Founder and PresidWhether it be a Richard Branson who writes books, delivers keynotes and runs workshops on Necker Island each year, Jamie Oliver who produces TV shows, writes cookbooks and delivers live onstage performances around the world, or Michelle Bridges who in 2013 had authored eight books which reached half a million copies sold, created an online fitness program that had over 550,000 Facebook Fans (Weight Watchers had 65,000), and brought in $67 million in product sales for the calendar year, thought leadership is the currency that builds personal brand writes Steven and Chutisa Bowman.

Regardless of what business you’re in, you’re in the business of education. You build brand and relationship by educating your audience on what they want and need to know about whatever it is they come to you for.

What do you know, perhaps have even taken for granted, that would make a difference to other people’s lives if you were to teach them?

Whatever your answer to that question, that is what we need to capture and amplify.

Capturing your message is about two things:

  1. Standing for something
  2. Picking a fight

Branson stands for fun and adventure and he’s picked a fight with old and bureaucratic ways of doing things – often highlighting those features in his competitors like British Airways and even Qantas. Jamie Oliver stands for great food, great company and creating magic moments with the people you love. Jamie has picked a fight with fast-food and a system that is intent on not helping people get the nutritional education they need. Michelle Bridges stands for being the best you you can be. She has picked a fight with traditional “fad diets” saying “Guess what? They just don’t work!”

The Entourage stands for creating success on your terms, whatever that might mean to you. We spend our time fighting an antiquated education system that is out-dated and ineffective in today’s business world.

What is your unique message? What is your fight?

Let’s turn it up.

Chutisa & Steven Bowman are global business advisors.

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