Napoleon Perdis – A cosmetic guru

In this episode, Federico Re interviews cosmetic guru / entrepreneur – Napoleon Perdis. Napoleon is the founder and CEO of Napoleon Perdis, a cosmetic retail empire comprising of 85 concept stores which he founded 25 years ago. His products are also sold into 100 department stores and over 750 independent stockists across Australia. This iconic label is Australia’s leading makeup brand and the epitome of luxury, education and glamour.

In this rare and exclusive interview, Napoleon shares his secrets to success on InspireTalkTV, on how he ‘Built a Global Lifestyle Empire’ from humble beginnings. Federico explores:

1. How family was influential in assisting Napoleon during his early humble years of establishing the business;

2. How Napoleon leveraged on his Greek heritage, culture and philosophy;

3. Napoleon’s reputation and image as an artist and entrepreneur;

4. The importance of ‘glamour’ and how does this connects with fashion or emerging trends;

5. The importance of creativity and ingenuity when creating new products, and how his organisation continues to innovate in a saturated market;

6. The role that television and media plays in establishing a lifestyle brand;

7. How the Napoleon Perdis Make-up Academy provides education and empowerment to women;

8. How the retail establishment adapts to the savvy millennial customer as far as using social media and technology;

9. The opportunities that young aspiring entrepreneurs have within the cosmetic industry today;

10. Napoleon’s favourite quote and his philosophy to experiencing failure when striving for success For more information, please visit:

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