Mobile advertising to overtake TV

Mobile advertising to overtake TV

The amount of mobile advertising will  exceed advertising on TV by 2017, according to Zenith Optimedia..

Zenith, which is owned by advertising agency Publicis, predicts that mobile advertising on smart phones and tablets will more than double its market share by 2017. In 2014 it accounted for 5.1 per cent of ad dollars. By 2017, it will have 13.1 per cent.

It says mobile advertising will contribute 70 per cent of growth in all advertising spending over this period.

Which is just as well because advertising on TV is forecast to be more or less flat.

Zenith forecasts that TV spending will rise 2 per cent to $68.1 billion in 2016. And that’s an Olympic year.

It says there will be a small dip this year and negligible growth in 2017.

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