Making the workplace more productive by getting the right space

Today’s workplace is an ever-evolving environment and a company’s success and growth often depends on its ability to properly fit out their space to support the modern workplace and encourage productivity. A space that addresses the needs of the individuals within it will always be more effective than one that doesn’t. By Belinda Lyone, General Manager of COS Working Spaces.

Many employees who work in an office spend the bulk of their time working at a desk. This is where ideas are born, goals are met and growth is achieved. When you consider that these workers are spending an average of 40.6 hours at this desk each week you come to understand just how important this desk, what’s on it, and its surroundings really are.


When it comes to your staff remember that workstations are not one-size-fits-all. It’s important to consider the needs of the individual when fitting out the office and ordering supplies. For example, a designer or developer will need two monitors and therefore more space, whereas a sales employee who rarely spends time at their desk can probably get away with less space, but will need quick and easy access to plug in their laptop when in the office.

A newer option to the market is the Mobile Desk, great for multi- tasking and moving around the workplace. The freedom to move allows you to complete multiple tasks at once and a change of scenery can be beneficial to your attitude towards work and is therefore a big plus for productivity.

As an executive you may not sit out in the open plan with your staff but making yourself available to your team is the key to open communication and engagement. A workstation that closes you off to visitors is the quickest way to seem unapproachable and distant.

You should incorporate plenty of seating spaces around your desk for visitors, while also keeping your space clear and welcoming by using effective storage solutions and space saving desk accessories.


It’s important to ensure that your staff’s health is of high importance in the work place. Making sure your staff are fitted with comfortable chairs, and a setup that is tailored to their needs can go a long way to prevent issues such as back strains and poor posture.

Incorporating flexible options such as sit-to-stand and height adjustable desks will help your employees health and wellbeing. These desks allow your employees to customise their workspace to fit their current needs, and are a great way of promoting movement in the workplace.


While focused work is a part of everyone’s day, there is a strong trend towards embracing collaborative work. In order for collaborative work to be successful, businesses must incorporate a working space that facilitates this. The beauty of a collaborative space is that if you’re careful with the furniture and equipment you use it can be flexible and changed to suit any need, at any time. This allows businesses to focus on bringing staff members together to work effectively as a team.


Noise can become a significant issue in the workplace, especially if you have an open plan office. Not only can it reduce productivity, but unwanted sound disturbances can also cause frustration among employees that need to focus on their work.

Combat this by taking careful consideration in the acoustic design of your workspace.

Implementing acoustic screening to divide the office and prevent noise from travelling across the space. Acoustic screens have evolved significantly over the years, and are now available in different shapes, sizes and colours, so you’re bound to find the right screen for your space.

Also, instead of using concrete flooring to emphasise an industrial look within the workplace, try incorporating carpeted areas instead. Carpeted flooring absorbs sound better than concrete, wood or ceramic. By using carpet in office spaces where employees are frequently moving around, you will reduce the level of noise significantly.

Perhaps the biggest mistake you can make is believing that all people and workplaces are created equal. It is imperative that you consider your own unique needs when fitting out your business with workstations, chairs, monitors and desk accessories to create a happy, healthy and productive workplace for the greatest results possible.

COS Working Spaces, the furniture division of COS, Australia’s largest privately owned office products supplier, specialises in creating contemporary work spaces. COS Working Spaces is the ideal partner for a new office fit out solution, relocation or upgrade of existing furniture, assisting clients from concept to final delivery. COS Working Spaces services include design capabilities, access to the latest and widest current product range, and total project management.

You can expect a professional and reliable service delivered by individuals who are passionate about work environments.

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