Jaguar to monitor brain waves

Jaguar to monitor brain waves

Jaguar Land Rover is looking at how brainwaves can detect driver drowsiness.

To avoid using a headset, the company is now researching the kind of technology employed by NASA. Basically, sensors in the steering wheel pick up brainwaves when the person behind the wheel is distracted or nodding off. The result: the steering wheel vibrates or the pedal jolts the driver awake.

That’s all well and good in outer space but in a car when you’re surrounded by traffic?  Jaguar Land Rover is now researching whether this works against the general background noise you get when you’re out on the road.

If the vibrations don’t work, Jaguar Land Rover could use sounds and warning icons.

The company is also developing a “wellness seat”. It comes with a built-in “medical-grade sensor” designed to monitor the driver’s heartbeat and breathing.

If it picks up that the driver is stressed, it can adjust the interior lighting, audio and climate controls.

At this stage, Jaguar Land Rover has not given us a date for when we can expect these technologies to appear in the car.

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