InspiretalkTV: Taryn Williams CEO of Wink Models and

This 20 minute discussion between Federico Re and Taryn Williams on ‘InspireTalkTV’ at her Sydney Headquarters will reveal:

1. What first inspired her to pursue a career within the modelling industry, and whether she ever envisaged a career as an entrepreneur ?

2. What opportunities she first envisaged within the media / advertising arena when starting out ?

3. Why mentors are so important, and which person (family, friend, public figure, etc) influenced her the most in her earlier years ?

4. How she is disrupting the digital market / creative industries in terms of social media, advertising, etc ?

5. What challenges do female entrepreneurs face in the marketplace today, with regards to maintaining their reputation as successful business leaders ?

6. How she remains competitive within her market place, and how crucial is technology, versus investment, versus marketing ?

7. Why talent is so important when fostering an entrepreneurial culture within her organisation ?

8. Why education is so important for young aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women ?

9. What her favourite quote or philosophy is, and how this can be relevant to other female business leaders ?

10. The short and long-term future of the digital landscape, and what changes will take place from her perspective ?

InspireTalk is a digital radio and TV show with a core aim to inspire, educate, and entertain the minds of audiences around the world. You will get the chance to meet a number of high profile speakers across a variety of industry sectors including business, education, entertainment, sports, media, politics, science, technology, retail, investment, and more.

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