InspireTalkTV: Oliver Horn, Managing Director of Swisse Wellness

Meet Oliver Horn, Managing Director of Swisse Wellness, and explore the secrets to success of this top tier wellness brand.

During this intimate chat with Oliver, Federico delves deep into the ethos and culture of this thriving organisation; its entrepreneurial people; and the science behind its products.

In particular, Federico explores:

1. Swisse’s overall philosophy to health, happiness and wellbeing;

2. How past history of Swisse will impact the future success of the organisation;

3. The company’s core point of difference compared to other rivals within the health and wellness sector;

4. How effective leadership plays a part in creating the right entrepreneurial culture within the organisation;

5. The impact that Brand Ambassadors have on the reputation and success of the organisation;

6. How this Australian brand fits across international markets, and how it is perceived in China;

7. Why it is important for Swisse to engage in philanthropic work and the extent to which it is necessary that other organisations do the same;

8. The role of scientific research when formulating new products for the consumer market;

9. The importance of social media with regards to brand building and creating a loyal fan base;

10. The future trends of health and wellness, and the programs, initiatives, and products that are envisaged over the next 5-10 years.

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