InspireTalk: Andrew Stark – Managing Director of Stark Corporation

In this episode, Federico Re interviews Andrew Stark – Managing Director of ‘Stark Corporation’.

Andrew was a serving member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP) for 21 years, as well as security adviser for Nelson Mandela, Tony Blair and George W Bush. He was also the official body guard of former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard back in the 1990’s.

Today, he is actively involved in PROTECTING SENIOR LEADERS across a number of high profile organisations including NAB, Hillsong Church, etc.

Federico’s interview with Andrew explores the importance of MITIGATING RISK to enable organisations and their people operate within a safe environment. In particular, the discussion focuses on:

1. What first inspired Andrew to pursue a career in the ‘security’ sector;

2. The core changes that Andrew has witnessed over the last 20 years in terms of how security risk is managed internally;

3. The benefits an employer gets from a contented and secure workforce;

4. The extent to which an employer cares and is concerned about the welfare of their employees;

5. How technology is key in terms of implementing the appropriate safety measures within a workplace environment;

6. Whether all business leaders, or CEO’s of major organisations should consider investing in personal bodyguards;

7. The skills that Andrew developed in previous roles that have assisted him in his current position;

8. The growth areas across the globe with regards to ongoing management of risk;

9. The future of security risk management, and the disruptions or innovations that are envisaged over the next 10 years;

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