International employers butN rival to LinkedIn

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The Federation of International Employers (FedEE) has announced the launch of a face-to-face networking tool called butN that will allow real business networking at a global level.

“Executives in multinational companies have a constant need to forge links with prospective customers and business partners, to form alliances, improve their intercultural skills and check out new ideas with others outside their organisations,” said Robin Chater, who heads up FedEE. “That is why for the last year we have been working on a better way for them to forge new connections, especially during business trips.”

FedEE will launch its free mobile networking tool called butN. This has been designed to be easy and safe to use – in spite of being based on cutting edge technologies.

This development is part of a program to reduce the intense stress experienced by business executives, whilst improving their connectivity both within and outside their business sectors.

“We know that there are a lot of different businesses and social communities already out there,” says Robin, “but you can still have a thousand Facebook friends and lead a very isolated existence. The business networking forum ‘LinkedIn’ is great as an online community – but butN is not about virtual networking – but Real Networking.”

Several different language versions of butN are in preparation as well as many pathfinding applications which will help multinational executives deal more effectively with their daily work demands. Companies can also have their own internal, badged versions of butN to assist with team working, wider connectivity and the fostering of greater employee engagement.

“There are real advantages in entering the world of business networking once a number of other systems have become well established,” says Justin Norton who is IT team principal for butN. “Technology is constantly changing and new possibilities open up. We can also benefit from the user experience of rival networks. At heart, butN is based on a very simple concept and it has been very exciting to be associated with this project.”'

Robin was the Founder of Federation of International Employers (FedEE Global) was originally established with financial assistance from the European Commission. Today it operates on an independent basis with corporate members throughout the world.

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