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We recently took part in a social movement ‘Shop Small’ to encourage patronage of Australia’s local small businesses. Loving thy neighbour took on a whole new meaning writes Tim Reed.

For the 2.1 million businesses that support our economy, a way to level the playing field is by using online technologies. The latest MYOB Business Monitor Report showed that 63% of business owners using both a website and social media were more likely to see revenue rise than those who didn’t have one of these sites.

Going digital offers the opportunity for businesses of all sizes to enjoy work environment flexibility and improve business productivity, among many other benefits. Your staff and customers will thank you for it and it will save you and your business time and money.

Keep connected

Web-based social technologies like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and tools like Skype have profoundly changed the way users communicate with one another. By using these tools, businesses can take advantage of employees’ growing comfort with social networks to gain a new level of productivity and connectivity with potential customers, suppliers and partners. 

Efficient service

Going digital (think e-commerce, bank feeds, electronic invoicing, live chat and so on) provides faster customer service and more reliable business transactions. So, business owners are able to spend less time producing and chasing paper trails and more time expanding their market and generating revenue. Customers are able to connect with the people they need to contact easily and quickly and access customer support within easy reach at any time of the day.

Work/life balance

Using online tools or the cloud enhances your ability to work remotely, which helps business owners and their teams better balance their home and work lives. Workers who spend a lot of time away from the office can stay productive through easy access to business resources and they save on fuel and the stress of battling peak hour traffic.

Effective storage

Digital technology offers a viable, eco-friendly and more effective way to store files that does not waste natural resources, clutter up your premises or require expensive storage solutions. Trustworthy, credible cloud storage providers can offer much greater security and reliability above anything you can afford for your business.


Technology supports information sharing, which makes it easier to collaborate between different partners. Think cloud accounting, where a business owner, their staff and their accountant can all work on the same accounts in real-time, without having to travel somewhere to ensure they’re in the same location. Also, companies can enable customers to track goods, access a record of services or the history of products – ensuring an improved service experience.


When it comes to tracking your success, there are tools that enable you to measure the effectiveness of your online presence and your online marketing campaigns. By using them you can tell what works and what doesn’t – and make sure every marketing dollar is well spent.

Global customer base

You can reach a wide but targeted audience through online technologies. You get the opportunity to attract clients that not only come from within your immediate market or neighbourhood but those that reside far beyond, helping to encourage national and international success. Going digital truly makes the world your market. BF

Tim Reed is the CEO of Australia’s largest business management solutions provider, MYOB. He develops & drives the business’ strategic development, including its expansion into online business management solutions.

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