Digital games revenue to jump to $100b+

Digital games revenue

The digital games industry will generate $80 billion of revenue this year, climbing to $104 billion by the end of 2018, according to Juniper Research

Juniper says the growth will be driven largely by the PC market, which accounts for 42 per cent of the revenues this year.

However, mobile is moving in as the big driver of business.

Juniper finds that mobile’s market share for digital games will reach 35 per cent by 2018.

According to the author of the report, Lauren Foe, a lot of the growth will come from new technologies.

“As digital purchases gain favour with consumers, we will see a drive in sales during the lifecycle of the current generation of consoles,’’ Foye said.

“Newly emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality will aid in consumer adoption, as the console continues to evolve to become the core home entertainment centre.”

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