Change your mindset : Your associations equal your assimilations

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There is an old saying, “Add up the income of your five best friends and then divide it by five and this will be your income.”

What does this really mean? In a nutshell it means that to reach beyond where you are now, you need to be inspired to go further. You need to reach higher and achieve more than you have done so far in your life. This statement highlights the level of your circle of friends and shows how you plateau at the groups’ level of achievement.

As I tour around the globe speaking to crowds I’ve discovered there is a common thread. All these people want to better their position in life. They want to find a way to break through the barriers which they think are holding them back. They come along to the seminars and motivate themselves to make new paths forwards and then return to their same comfortable world.

In reality it’s this comfortable world they created for themselves which is holding them back. What they need to do is to change their mindset. By changing their mindset they will begin to change their associations and start to feel challenged. When they rise to the challenge they automatically increase their position in life and command a greater reward.

So in essence I’m suggesting it’s better to be the dumbest person in the room rather than the smartest.

You see once you have knowledge… you can’t lose it. Sure it may not be front of mind all the time but when the information is needed you just seem to have the answer. Why? Well because you learned from smarter people in your circle. You overhear it in conversations or you have discussions about topics beyond your current understanding. Essentially you are educating yourself by osmosis.

It’s not that you intentionally go out to learn some things, although you can learn specific things by surrounding yourself with people who have the knowledge you want. Often times it’s just that things you don’t already know present themselves to you in the course of the conversation. Suddenly your interest is piqued and you find yourself on a new course chasing more knowledge about your new revelation.

I believe we should all be challenging our beliefs daily. Mentally we need new information to stimulate expanded thinking and creativity. So remaining in your comfortable circle of friends over time will stifle your creativity. Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Who should you surround yourself with then?

In my experience choosing a mentor is a great place to start. You need to look at the fruits of people who have achieved in the areas you are interested in. See their trials and pitfalls and follow how they overcame them. I call this “Standing on the shoulders of giants!” Obviously you need to skill yourself to a level which allows you to mix in your chosen field. For example: A piano player doesn’t choose to play piano today and tomorrow play a concerto to thousands of adoring fans. It takes time, commitment, practice and the guidance of a skilled teacher.

So surround yourself with people who can stretch you. Always ask questions of them and look for new information. Look for things you didn’t know or weren’t aware of. This is where your knowledge expands from.

A great question to ask your mentor is who inspired them. Whose shoulders did they stand on? Find out what you can about their mentors and learn from them too. You don’t necessarily have to meet and speak with them to learn from them. You can read what they have written… or listen to, or watch recordings of their speeches and presentations. Keep a note book handy so you can take notes. Writing notes is a good way to commit thoughts to memory.

Remember, your associations equal your assimilations so always try to position yourself among people who have greater knowledge and understanding than you. In doing so you will raise your own knowledge to new heights and more fully realise your own potential.


Pat Mesiti is a mindset expert, internationally celebrated speaker and author of 8 books including his latest Pathway to Prosperity. He has raised more than $500,000 for charity and is now committed to helping raise 10,000 millionaires through his works.  His expertise is to shift mindsets and to build bigger people to produce'

Pat is a communicator and an income acceleration coach. His passion is to EQUIP and EMPOWER individuals and businesses to experience growth and prosperity to their fullest potential.

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