Change your viewpoint, change your financial future

In today’s world, leading and living with awareness matters writes Steven and Chutisa Bowman.

We live in perhaps the most stirring and electrifying economic period in our lifetime. New realities are happening. The way money may be generated and seized are changing. These new realities will bring with them tremendous possibilities and an influx of unlimited potentials. To thrive and flourish financially in the decade ahead will require different mindset in addition to a more conscious way of being and operating in the world. A different way of being and looking at the world are needed to generate abundant wealth and become truly prosperous. Failure to do so will suppress advancement at a period when progress is vital.

There is a completely different way of viewing things—and a completely different way of operating in life, in the business and in the world. Are you aware that you attract money, revenue, people, events, and circumstances to your life and your business, not by what you do or have, but by who you are choosing to be? Are you aware that your points of view and your mind-set determine whether you will struggle in frustration or live an extraordinary life of abundance with unlimited revenue stream?

For most, the idea of becoming a multibillion-dollar business and having more money than they know what to do with is beyond their imagination. They don’t believe that this is truly possible for them. ………. How about you???

Do you think that it is possible for you to generate a multibillion-dollar business and become exuberantly wealthy?

From our investigations we have discovered that most people are not wealthy and abundant because of a lack of desire, nor from a lack of ability, nor even from the lack of dreaming, but because they cannot perceive or refuse to believe that it is truly possible for them. The moment they decide that it is impossible for them to generate a multibillion-dollar business, they stop perceiving. Can you see how this works?

Once you have decided that you don’t have the ability to generate a multibillion-dollar business, or you don’t know how, or it is beyond the scope of your life, you are not able to perceive anything else. You will not perceive or receive any other information. You will not see the ways in which you could become truly wealthy and prosperous or perceive what it would take to generate a multibillion-dollar business. You will not be able to perceive and receive the different possibilities that come your way.

The lack of prosper­ity in many businesses and in many people’s lives is due to the way they view money and resources. Their viewpoints about money impose severe limitations on the financial success they can experience. With the points of view they have adopted, they create for themselves a scarcity paradigm.

Your outer reality is simply an expression of your points of view. Your outlook sets up the foundation for the way you create your life and your business. In other words, your points of view about money are the fundamental reasons of why you do what you do with your money. Your points of view always determine your condition and circumstance.

Since your points of view create your reality, you can create a more amazing life for yourself and a remarkable success for your business by choosing to change your points of view and expand your prosperity consciousness. Prosperity consciousness increases creativity, multiplies your possibilities and allows you to generate more with ease. Prosperity consciousness supports you get in tune with the larger picture of your life and connects you to limitless possibilities.

Prosperity consciousness is the generative energy of life on planet earth. It exists in everything. When you embody and be prosperity consciousness you are being everything. Prosperity consciousness is not something you go looking for, it is something you already are. It has nothing to do with what you are doing and having. It has everything to do with what you are being. People who have achieved phenomenal success and unlimited wealth haven’t done so by accident but by excelling in the ability to embody and be prosperity consciousness. To live in the space of prosperity consciousness requires you to perceive and to believe that the universe is an abundant place and it is truly possible for you to become prosperous. Your points of view are the things that ground you in your reality and are the basis upon which your life is created.

When you are being prosperity consciousness, you lack nothing. You can receive information, you can receive accolades, you can receive criticism, you can receive money, you can receive gifts, you can receive possibilities, you can receive everything. Unlimited wealth follows prosperity consciousness.

In an increasingly complex and dynamic global market, prosperity consciousness is needed more than ever. By expand prosperity consciousness you can generate new realities about wealth and money for yourself and your business. Your personal financial condition reflects your awareness and mirrors your points of view about money and finance. If you would like to change your financial condition, you have to be willing to change your points of view and expand your prosperity consciousness. A very important action you need to take is to make a CHOICE to cultivate and expand your prosperity consciousness. Choice is the source for everything in your life. Imagine that you already have prosperity consciousness and look at how your life is different because of it.

Personal Practice

Tune into your own life, your personal energy, your mind and your emotion to get the sense of who you are. Be aware of the life you have created and be aware of the world you exist in.

Look at your life right now –

  • Is your life enough for you?
  • Are you joyful and exuberant?

If the answer is no, what would have to change?

You may have a lot of reasons why you cannot change your life right now. If you do not begin to choose to create differently, change will always be a future thought and seemingly beyond your reach. Most importantly you will not be living from the space of prosperity consciousness.

Ask yourself these questions

Do you believe that you live in an abundant universe? Do you perceive that you have the power to choose to live from a place of prosperity consciousness with no judgment?

What would prevent you from being that? Become aware of all the reasons and justifications that you have about why it is not possible for you to be prosperity consciousness in totality.

Many people mistakenly believe – ‘If only I had more money, I would be truly prosperous and happy.’ They misidentify prosperity consciousness and think it is only about money and finances.

Prosperity consciousness is not just about the money, financial assets or possessions. It is not about trying to obtain more assets and “things”. It is about a quality of life, the ability to be present in life.

Prosperity consciousness is about a joyful expression of life, a sense of expansiveness, a joy of being, and a sense of abundance in all things.

You can embody and be prosperity consciousness to a degree you never dreamed possible if you choose to do so. You must choose to claim, own and acknowledge it moment to moment.



Chutisa & Steven Bowman are global business advisors.

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