Australians using the internet to supplement income in tough times

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We’re all aware that the internet and social media are powerful forces for business, charity, finding love – almost anything – and this new access to this global marketplace has very quickly revolutionised our lives. But recently, more Australians are turning to the internet as a viable source of revenue in tough financial times writes Brett McFall who is at the centre of this revolution. 

People are realising that the internet is an untapped goldmine and that with a bit of work they can access an international marketplace of two billion potential customers. It’s been a life-saver for many people we’ve worked with who were really struggling financially in these challenging times.

I have shared the stage with the likes of Donald Trump, Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. These renowned international business speakers often use me as their ‘internet guy’ as I went from earning $35,000 a year to over $500,000 when I figured out the ins and outs of online marketing.

I’m so pleased we’re seeing this increase in people realising the internet is a really low-risk way to make money. I’ve been speaking about this for a long time but previously people thought internet marketing just sounded like a scam. It’s certainly not a get-rich-quick scheme where you don’t have to do anything. It does take some work, but the rewards can be huge and can reduce financial worries significantly.

One of my students, a grandmother in her late fifties, Judi Jaques was taught how to find hot niche markets and how to set up simple little websites that give that market the product is looking for – especially ones that revolve around information. It cost her very little and she outsourced the majority of the work.

The cost of living is on the rise and any extra income per week is a help for many. We are seeing people go from unemployed to very comfortable but also seeing others just go from struggling to stable. Sometimes that’s all they need – a bit of money to give them space to breathe every week.

The basic principles of it are:

1.       Find a hot niche market (this is easily done with free or very inexpensive software)
2.       Create a product that gives your market what it wants; outsourcing this is no longer costly
3.       Create a powerful and compelling sales message
4.       Design a simple website that converts prospects to buyers; again this can easily be outsourced
5.       Bring traffic to your website

The internet is one of the cheapest places to fail and – although I know online marketing does work – people don’t need to worry about losing huge sums of money if it doesn’t. It’s far less risky than the stock market or other investments and I’m so glad more people are getting on board. People need to realise there are other options outside their 9-5 for generating revenue and easing that financial pressure and that it may be easier than they think.

Brett McFall is Australia's expert at making online marketing easy and regularly teaches thousands of people how to do what he does.

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