Unity is itself a power

“…The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”  By Jonathan Jackson

The above quote by famous American industrialist Andrew Carnegie talks about unity: the ability to work together toward a common vision. Unity enhances strength, creates dare and turns effort into accomplishment.

Unity is behind the success of championship sporting teams and great businesses. Marriage, partnerships, almost anything you can think of that flourishes is based upon strong union.

With the philosophy of unity in mind, entrepreneur Daniel Hakim founded the club of united business (CUB), a private business club for likeminded businesspeople to connect with and facilitate each other to become the person they aspire to be.

Business First magazine originally caught up with Daniel just after CUB first launched late in 2015.

Since that time, the club has grown to include hundreds of Australia’s most ambitious and influential business leaders in Sydney alone, with Daniel expecting to hit capacity by the end of the year. From there entry will be up to a year long wait list for acceptance.

Daniel is also now scouting a second venue for Sydney, just as he turns his attention further south.

“The launch of Melbourne will be in October and we are estimating Melbourne will be full by the end of the year,” Daniel says.

Interestingly, the Melbourne launch will be two years to the day of the club’s initial media launch in Sydney.

However the philosophy remains the same: unity.

“We unite the ambitions of Australia’s most courageous business leaders,” Daniel says.

“We had a purpose of what we wanted to do for people, the question when we began was how would we achieve this?

CUB wasn’t a pre-set company with an existing formula. So the development  and  progression of the service had to be quite deliberate and is perhaps one of the most amazing things to have happened. What has driven us from the start is an ambitious purpose to accelerate success and we have been able to successfully do that by connecting people who have common goals who can act  as mentors, and who have vested interest in seeing fellow members succeed.”

Daniel places CUB’s success in such a short time squarely at the feet of its members.

“When you come to CUB you get to learn from and meet some of the best business leaders in the country and this is what has allowed the club to succeed.”

This extends to CUB staff.

“We have been very fortunate to be able to surround ourselves with smart, ambitious people.”

Daniel believes he has created a business family, which again is anchored by unity.

“Families  support,  assist and push each other forward. Therefore once a member is accepted they become a part of the family and gain access to a tailored and close community of established  business leaders.

“Much of our job is to get them to bond and connect. They then find incredible value. That affects the greater community because members automatically assist selflessly, they are not after returns.”

Members have full access to the clubhouse, and on top of that a proactive networking service and a personal membership manager who helps them utilise the network and gain value.

The whole business model is designed to help people not just come together, but also to find solidarity with each other, much the way a family might. And they can do so quite reasonably.

“As far as business communities go, our price point is brilliant compared to our services.”

Services come under three categories:

  • Community
  • Clubhouse
  • Proactive networking service

Community is first and foremost as this drives the founding principles. Each member is introduced to the entire CUB community, opening up new worlds almost immediately. And it doesn’t matter if you are a start-up, or a high level CEO, everyone has something to offer someone else.

The broad demographic of members is broken into 20% early stage business owners/managers with revenue under $2M, 60% mid- size businesses with $50+ million and the final 20% consist of the high level CEOs and semi-retired.

Refreshingly, Daniel says there is no ego involved.

“It isn’t an egotistical place at all. None of the members feel that they have accomplished ultimate ambition and they continue to grow once they meet a certain set of goals. I set up the business because I want to learn, grow and improve and this is the reason everyone joins – to meet people like themselves: time poor, busy people who want to take risks and go to the next level with the help of other established people. It’s like an accelerated business school that unites ambition.”

Indeed ego and ambition can be mutually exclusive, but when they are united they can also be a powerful tool.

“Amongst these incredible people is a huge vision. Imagine the amazing things that could come from people who feel they can change the world through combined networks and by combining knowledge and experience.

“These people can help impact Australia in a great way because they are driven to help each other. When you have everyone working together it really does bring positive change to the world.”

This is an important point because business in Australia hasn’t always been celebrated or trusted as it should be. However Daniel really does believe that what we are seeing through CUB is business for good: business that improves peoples’ lives and changes the world for the better.

“CUB celebrates these people. It was founded on the belief of  the power of the entrepreneur to achieve incredible things. Letting these people know there is a place to meet others like themselves and be able to accelerate their growth is important. We want to celebrate a big push for innovative and world changing business.”

Daniel feels the less successful among us are those who don’t feel they have the power to contribute, yet if you encourage anyone to be the best they can be everyone can achieve incredible things.

“Anybody  who  has  ambition, can achieve amazing things as long as they find people who can help them. Thus CUB is about working hard, loving what you do and empowering people to make their goals reachable.”

Tellingly the CUB icon (a lion) represents ambition.

“It is a symbol of ambition and loyalty to ambition. Loyalty, ambition and courage are our values. All our members have huge ambitions the courage to act on them and support the ambitions of the other members.”

These values have evolved with the business and as CUB now looks to expansion beyond Sydney, they will become even more important in creating a unified culture across all chapters.

Demand for Melbourne is already  big  with  a  large  number of daily membership applications and enquiries and Daniel is confident the Melbourne business culture will be supportive. He expects that a big push to call on people  with  aligned  values to unite with others, will see Melbourne hit capacity quickly and it will then, as Sydney is about to do, have a yearlong wait list  for acceptance.

“That is to ensure that people share values and want to be engaged,” Daniel says.

Following the launch of the Melbourne chapter, attention will be turned to Brisbane towards end of next year and a second Sydney club. It is then the intention to expand to New York.

“We are a business club, we should have a club in the centre of the business world.”

CUB is a business club with a difference.

“Many people have tried private clubs, but not like us. The key here is CUB is a community; a group of people who allow each other to aspire to their dreams.

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