May’s election to lock in Brexit

May’s election to lock in Brexit
Theresa May’s expected win in the British elections is expected to dash hopes that Britain’s exit from the European Union will be undone.

Following the announcement of the election on June 8, the chairman of the European movement Stephen Dorrell, sent an email to supporters telling them “it is not too late to change our minds.”

The reality however is that Brexit will not be discontinued with half the British population voting for it and the polls showing the May government will be re-elected.

According to the first big poll, a YouGov survey, following the British PM’s announcement, the Tories are on 48 percent of the votes, double the amount that has Labour trailing on 24 percent and Liberal Democrats at 12 percent.

It leaves the die-hard anti-Brexit campaigners, representing about 48 per cent of the population, with few options.

One is going with the Liberal Democrats who suffered a near wipe-out in the 2015 election.  The most pro-European of Britain’s national parties, they have been pushing for the Brexit decision to be put to another referendum.

And they have made it clear they plan to push the Remain side in their campaign.

“The real issue is can the Liberal Democrats prevent what Theresa May thinks and hopes is a coronation for her,” Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron told Bloomberg Television. “If it is a coronation then that means it’s a blank cheque for Theresa May to deliver the hardest Brexit.”

But James McGrory, director of Open Britain, the campaign for keeping the UK close to the European Union, sees little hope of any big change. However, there was an opportunity for a softer version of the UK’s divorce from the European Union.

“If you held a rerun of the referendum tomorrow, you’d get the same result,” McGrory told Bloomberg.

“It’s about limiting the number of members of parliament who favour a hard form of Brexit and maximizing the chances of those who don’t to hold their seats.”


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