Fire up your workforce post Australia Day

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The summer break is a time to relax, celebrate, re-energise and spend quality time with friends and family. It also allows people to reflect on their job and career. Employees across the country will have been asking themselves: Is it the right job for me? Am I working for the right company? What improvements can I make? What can I do differently to be happier at work? Or, they may decide it’s time to leave and will disengage while they look for a new job. Employment Market Analyst at Randstad, Steve Shepherd, says it’s important for employers to identify any negative feelings after the break and develop plans to inspire their workforce.

We tend to see increased movement and mobility in the workforce in the first quarter of each year, as people resolve to change jobs and progress their career. In fact, just under a third (31%) of Aussie workers will be considering changing jobs according to the Randstad Workmonitor report.

Employers need to very quickly understand who are the loyal, high performers, and who are the flight risks. They then need to put in place the right strategies to retain, motivate, manage, develop and attract the best talent, setting themselves up for a strong start to the year.”

As a starting point, it’s crucial employees arrive back at work from holidays feeling welcomed, comfortable, valued in the role they play and confident in the year ahead. With Australia Day marking the end of the ‘Silly Season’, it’s important people understand it to be the final ‘hoorah’ before everyone gets back into full swing.

Post Australia Day, business leaders should focus efforts on getting employees on-board, reminding everyone of short and long-term goals and setting people up for a successful and rewarding 2015.

Recruitment & HR specialists, Randstad offers the following advice to fire up your workforce post Australia Day:

Officially kick off the year

Kick off the year with a ‘Straya Day’ themed breakfast meeting. Share the 2015 plans – demonstrating where they can contribute to help achieve business and team goals, making every employee feel valued for the role they will play. Encourage brainstorming and sharing of ideas for how you can take the business forward and improve on what you did last year. If the first meeting grabs people’s attention, is fun and creative while also setting clear expectations and getting people revved up, it’s a job well done.

Laser focus individuals

Everyone is different, so treat them as such. One man’s motivation can be another person’s nightmare. Sit down with each employee and discuss their goals for the year and what they want to achieve. Do they want to expand their knowledge, upskill in key areas or receive a promotion? Put plans in place to help them achieve their goals with key performance indicators they need to get there. A motivated workforce is one that has a target to hit.

Work hard but remember to have fun

Some of us will take a bit longer to get back into the swing of things at work and many will be longing to be outside in the sun. So while the weather is warm and the sun is shining, go out for lunch or a coffee break with the team to reconnect with each other as you head into a busy year.

Remember, a happy, lively, supportive and dynamic environment is a great way to maintain job satisfaction and prevent staff looking for greener pastures.

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