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Daniel Hakim, CUB Club

Networking has been described by Adam Small, founder of Strategic Business Network, as “the single most powerful marketing tactic to accelerate and sustain success for any individual or organization.”

In a manner of speaking Small is correct.

Networking can accelerate success, but how do you know if you have met the right people to mentor or guide you in a manner that is beneficial for your business?

Meet 24-year-old Daniel Hakim, the founder of CUB Club – a private business club that connects influential business leaders.

At face value it doesn’t seem too far removed from any networking club, but CUB differs on many levels.

“The idea behind the club was to create a business family; to bring together a group of leaders who love business and have had success in business. These leaders want to not only meet each other, but also assist in each other’s successes when possible,” Hakim says.

The family element stems from Hakim’s strong personal family values and is a replication of the platform of knowledge, network and resource provided to him by his family which allowed him to “develop and grow his business at a much quicker pace than most.”

The next difference is that instead of bringing people together at various venues, CUB Club is by its very name a ‘club’, with a dedicated clubhouse.

The clubhouse is a luxury business space used for working, entertaining clients and meeting other members.

And like a club, CUB limits its membership numbers per city to ensure the most personalised membership experience possible. Sometimes that means staying on a wait-list, but by all accounts the wait is worth it.

CUB Club started as a small group of founding members each of whom understood the need for a platform to meet other business leaders like themselves.

Since foundation, CUB has attracted hundreds of Australia’s most ambitious and influential business leaders into the club all by referral and Hakim says the Club is well on its way to accomplishing its ultimate ambition of being the world’s most influential business club.

Members of CUB include entrepreneurs David Hodge (Vital Addition), Gen George (One shift jobs), Jane Lu (Showpo), Chris Gray (Your empire), Lauren Silvers (Glamazon), Troy Douglas (Nexba), Chris King (Splend), Levi Aron (Deliveroo), Chris Fennel (App Boy), Simon Allsop (My Accounts), Sarah Beckwith (Doctus) and Miles Wharton (The Bespoke Corner).

The clubhouse opened in Sydney and has now been operating for a year, with the Melbourne branch soon to launch, followed by London, New York and LA within three years.

Daniel Hakim, CUB Club

Looking at where it all began, like most successful entrepreneurs, Hakim had an idea of what he wanted to do, yet understood that it would be an evolving beast.

“When I first started I didn’t know who it was for: was it for start-ups and high growth businesses or wealthy individuals.”

Eventually he found his niche in the space between high growth start-ups and well-established businesses.

“When we came into the market we quickly realized that there was a huge need for leaders of high growth businesses to meet leaders of other high growth businesses and those in charge of established companies. These companies have a whole new range of issues to work through and opportunities to find and were benefiting greatly from CUB’s proactive networking services.”

Thus the club and its purpose was born and it had its points of difference.

Looking further at those differentiators, Hakim says there are three to four.

“We have a filtered membership base, which means that each member must be approved. This approval process means members can be assured that everyone they meet in the club is someone who can bring them value in some way.

“We provide our members a place to meet, which is our Clubhouse and they are able to utilize the clubhouse however they wish.

“Our biggest differentiator is that we provide our members with a proactive networking service. This means that our networks team proactively connects members who may find great value in meeting each other every month. This is important as our members do not have to worry about utilizing the club; our networks team does that for them, freeing them up to focus on their business.

Once a member joins the club, they are assigned a relationship manager who suggests engagements and connections.

“We utilize the information members provide to proactively and strategically connect them every month to other members with whom they will find great value in meeting. We also have a private members mobile App which allows members to carry their personal business club in their pocket and to connect with members from anywhere,” Hakim says.

Interestingly the app is a white label app that could become a further significant revenue stream.

“Our service is unique in Australia and we hope to emulate this around the world,” Hakim says.

Club members have enjoyed several successes.

“Just last week two of our members merged and investment from one member to another is also very common.”

In fact members raising capital often speak to other members about how to raise funds.

Daniel Hakim, CUB Club

“One member in the medtech industry raised capital and was assisted in re-obtaining a large percentage of the company. She also needed a mobile app and was supplied a white label app to help her with marketing. To round out the support, another member helped her tender for government grants.”

It’s that kind of support and nurturing which gives CUB Club its family perception.

“It’s a group of ambitious and influential business leaders who actively work together to assist in each other’s success. Members are guaranteed to meet incredible people and to find amazing opportunities.”

Reiterating Hakim’s ultimate ambition, it is to be the world’s most influential private business club.

“We want members to be able to fly to any city in the world and entertain clients. We want our members to be interconnected, ambitious business leaders who assist in each other’s success.”

Hakim expects to open five clubhouses in the next three years, starting in Melbourne in the first quarter next year and then expanding internationally. Hakim recently returned from London where he has been doing his due diligence. His next decision is whether to launch in London or Los Angeles.

Hakim uses the service himself and it works for him just as it does for anybody else. He sees himself as a member as well as the CEO, which again gives the club its family feel.

This is a club where every member has input: they approve new members and often run the services. They host the genius or topic boards and particular discussion topics are chaired by experts in that field.

“The members are very involved. They feel as though they have ownership and it goes without saying that the more involved they are, the more people they meet and the more benefit they get from the club,” Hakim says.

As CUB Club continues to expand, it is likely its reason for being would also evolve into all business sectors. Speaking with Hakim, you get the sense that he is ready for the evolution and he has the most experienced people in his corner to help him take the Club to the rest of the world.

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