ATO reports more outages

ATO reports more outages
The Australian Taxation Office has confirmed that its systems have been hit with 10 more website outages this year.

That does not include the major outages in December and July.

The 10 outages in January and June lasted for up to two days. At best, they lasted just eight minutes.

The ATO’s acting chief operations officer Frances Cawthra said the ATO will waive some late penalties for those unable to lodge tax returns.

She said the ATO would also consider compensation claims.

“We do have a Commonwealth scheme and details of that are available on our website — we do understand the impact,” Ms Cawthra told the ABC.

She said the ATO had received 18 complaints about the outages.

The Tax Institute’s chief executive Noel Rowland said the big concern was the frequency of IT problems at the ATO.

He said accountants were entitled to compensation for lost productivity.

“I can understand the calls for compensation given the disruption to practices. What’s critically important is that no-one is any worse off as a result of the outage,” Mr Rowland told the ABC

“Agents rely very heavily on access to that system to lodge returns, to make queries, to look up balances, and so when they’re down, it’s really disruptive to their work.”


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